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A Thought for Nature  

We are custodians of planet earth - hence the environment is of prime concern to us. TSAL is committed to provide an eco friendly environment inside our plant and society at large. At present TSAL is looking after all the statutory compliances and developmental jobs pertaining to the Environment Conservation.

State of art technology is used at the plant, for safeguarding the environment. By monitoring and neutralising process emissions and waste, promoting conservation of energy, water, forest and other natural resources, creating environmental awareness among the community through promoting tree plantations and the development of green belt.

Air Pollution  

TSAL has a very effective pollution monitoring system, through aHigh Volume Dust Sampler,Respirable Dust Sampler,   Noise analyzer, CO detector and other such monitoring devices. Air Quality is being monitored through establishment of six ambient air quality monitoring stations (AAQMS), out of which three are within the TSAL and three are in nearby villages. TSAL is also having three stacks, which are being monitored on fortnightly basis.

Water Pollution

A complete water re-cycling process makes sure there is no wastage of the precious natural resource. There are 13 ground water recharge pits in the plant, to collect rainwater and recharge it into the ground. Ground water quality in the nearby villages is being monitored on a quarterly basis. Drinking water quality is being monitored on monthly basis to ensure the water quality.

Solid Waste  

The solid waste generated by the plant is dumped into an earmarked area, inside the plant premises and later on used for road making and other concrete work. There are 56 dust bins in the plant, where garbage is dumped and segregated. TSAL is also keep on track on recycle& reuse of hazardous waste generation from the different process wherever is possible the wastes are being kept scientifically in to the covered sheds for sale out to the authorized vendor.

Gas Cleaning Plant

TSAL has installed a gas cleaning plant with bag filters, to maintain particulate matter emissions, within the prescribed standards, that are acceptable to human life.

Dry Fog System  

To reduce fugitive emissions, the company has installed Dry Fog Systems at various locations, like raw material conveying and transfer point, raw material feeding points etc.

Dust Suppression / Dust Extraction System  

Scheduled water sprinkling activity has been carried out throughout the plant premises to suppress dust inside the plant.


A large number of saplings are planted in and around the periphery of the plant, about 12.36 acre of area and a very good green belt is developed inside the plant premises.

Statutory Compliances and Returns

TSAL has adhering to following statutory compliances and returns for smooth operation and fulfil the legal obligations made by legislature.

Sl. No. Name of Statute Nature of Requirement Statutory Authority Frequency
1 Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution ) Cess Act, 1977 as amended till date Submit a return in Form I for water consumption before 5th of every month. OSPCB Monthly
2 The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Cess Act,1977 amended till date Pay cess as per the demand notice raised by OSPCB. OSPCB Monthly
3 Air (Prevention & Control Of Pollution) Act 1981 as amended till date And Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act 1974 as amended till date Submit Environment Monitoring Report as per the condition given in Consent to Operate. OSPCB Monthly
4 EP Act,1986 amended till date Submission of Environment audit report in Form V to SPCB on or before 30th September of every year. OSPCB Yearly
5 The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and Hazardous waste (Management, Handling & Transboundary Movement) Rules 2008 Submission of annual return in Form 4 (generation, handling, storage & disposal) in Form -4 to SPCB on or before 30th June of each financial year. OSPCB Yearly
6 The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and Hazardous waste (Management, Handling & Transboundary Movement) Rules 2008 amended till date Maintain records of hazardous waste generation for verification by SPCB in Form -3 OSPCB On Going
7 Batteries (Management & Handling) Rules 2001 as amended up to 2010 Half yearly return in form No- VIII (For the period April-September & October-March) OSPCB Half Yearly
8 E- Waste Rule 2011 Maintaining Records in Form-2. For verification by SPCB Disposal of E- waste through authorized and registered recyclers. The rule is implemented from 01-05-2012 Monthly

TSAL has formulated an Environment Committee to review the environment work carried out in due diligence for the conservation of resources and protection of environment. The formulated committee review the environment work carried out on monthly basis and give valuable suggestions for improvement of environment condition.

The committee constitute following members:

Management Representative Union Representative
Mr. Chandan Mohapatra GM (Admin & Services) Mr. Narayan Sahoo
Mr. Akshaya Kumar Mohanty AGM (Mechanical Maintenance & TQM) Mr. Basanta Kumar Rout
Mr. Sidharth Seth Sr. Manager (Production) Mr. Santosh Kumar Sahoo
Mr. K.P. Rao AGM (Electrical) Mr. Pabitra Parida
Mr. Atanu Kumar Kar Manager (Purchase) Mr. Kartika Chandra Sahoo
Mr. Premananda Pani Manager (Civil) Mr. Bibhu Mohanty
Mr. N K Binit Sr. Manager (Mechanical & BQT) Mr. Deepak Kumar Sahu
Mr. Sabyasachi Sahoo Dy. Manager (Environment) Mr. Rabindra Kumar Rout
Mr. P S Samal Asst. Manager (Safety & Environment) ----------------
Rechristened as T S Alloys Ltd., the industry has become efficiently operational in record time. It has grown in leaps and bounds and is running successfully in a short time since inception.  
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